Knee Monitor is a brand new, easy-to-use functional assessment tool that fits seamlessly into your TKR physiotherapy practice.

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What sets Knee Monitor apart

Objectively measure knee function

Functional assessment in under 15 minutes

Comprehensive reporting and sharing features

Keep patients motivated with progress tracking

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Knee Monitor Key Features

Assessment to report in 15 minutes

Enhance functional knee assessments

Knee Monitor is a lightweight, wearable sensor and easy-to-use app, offering a functional assessment tool that fits seamlessly into your physiotherapy practice. 

Increase efficiency

Standardize clinical practice

Eliminate variability in treatment and boost efficiency across your practice.

Gives clear objective insights

Add value on the road to recovery

Rehabilitation can be long and frustrating, but Knee Monitor brings clarity to the journey with research-based accuracy.

Intuitive Gait Assessment

Widest range of metrics

Accurately quantify joint function pre and post-op with an extensive range of objective data to assist in rehabilitation and goal setting.

Early Adopter Program FAQs

Learn more about the Early Adopter Program for clinics below. If you are selected to participate in this program, we will discuss onboarding with you in more detail.

Successful clinics will have full and complete early access to the Knee Monitor sensors and the Knee Monitor application. Clinics selected for the Early Adopter Program will be able to use Knee Monitor to improve the rehabilitation experience, shaping Total Knee Replacement (TKR) recovery for both the patient and the clinic involved.

Traditional TKR rehabilitation is governed by general guidelines, intuition, experience, and the subjective measurement of pain. The Knee Monitor Early Adopter Program seeks to effortlessly measure the knee joint function using sensors and an application that operates on an iPad. The Knee Monitor Early Adopter Program will provide clinics with objective assessments of the knee via the use of wearable technology during simple, functional exercises. Patient progress over time is monitored and reported.

Any clinic or physiotherapist that supports TKR patients.

Once a clinic receives training, its own set of sensors, and the app to use, we ask that you give us regular feedback over the course of the next few months. The Early Adopter Program aims to capture clinical experiences using Knee Monitor with their TKR patients. The length of the Early Adopter Program will be agreed with each clinic individually.

We will send you wearable Knee Monitor sensors and full access to the Knee Monitor application that operates on any standard iPad, using iOS 15 or higher. You will need an internet connection to use the Knee Monitor application and sensors in real-time. Early Adopters will provide feedback on the use of the sensors and application on a regular basis.

You will help shape the product into something that gives patients a better rehab experience, from their TKR and through their recovery. You will add value not only to the patient’s journey, but to your daily practice. At the end of the Early Adopter program, we would like you to talk about your experience using Knee Monitor on TKR patients. This will be on our social media channels and in our marketing and will promote your clinical practice.

No, Knee Monitor is seamless and so intuitive it will easily fit in to your current practice. You can use it in the sessions you are already running to aid in your TKR patients’ recovery.

Chosen clinics will be supported throughout the Early Adopter Program. We will give you an on-site or virtual demonstration of the Knee Monitor sensors and a full walk through of the application. The entire Knee Monitor solution is designed to be intuitive so there is very little to learn. You will just need to set aside some time for the demonstration and you can start using Knee Monitor straight away. We are here to help you with the process at any time.

The Knee Monitor Early Adopter Program is free to join. You will be provided with Knee Monitor sensors and the app along with comprehensive support throughout the program.

Yes.  Knee Monitor has been designed specifically for the healthcare market, so patient confidentiality is respected.  Patient personal data remains on the iPad and is not transmitted anywhere so, as long as your device is properly maintained, the data is protected.

Yes.  Using Knee Monitor is easy, and you will see the benefits quickly. However, if you want to leave the Early Adopter Program at any time, you can. We simply ask that you return the sensors.

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